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Benefits of Recycling Solvents In-House

Storage of waste solvent on site is reduced due to the continual running of the recycling unit.

Large quantities of waste awaiting removal from site are greatly reduced as a result of this.

Control over quality of recycled solvent is maintained and will be pure with no additives.

Often when using off-site waste companies for recycling, 'your' solvent may be mixed with other solvents and returned to you in a blend of questionable quality.

There will be an overall reduction of liquid waste going off site as the recycling process removes most of the liquid to leave a thicker waste.

There are considerable cost savings on the purchase of new virgin solvent.

Using recycled solvents for cleaning purposes makes more financial sense than using virgin solvents.

The environmental ethos of today is maintained.

Most solvents are classified as hazardous and carry a 'cradle to grave' liability.

This means that you the user, are responsible from the time of purchase until the time it is disposed of, even if it is no longer in your custody.

If you are continually recycling your waste solvents, then you have full control over it.


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